Houston SharePoint TechFest Wrap Up

I can honestly say, I had a great time at yesterday.  Not only was able I able to catch up with almost 10 former co-workers/clients, I also ran into some old friends, familiar faces in the exhibitor’s hall, and was able to catch up with some fellow speakers in the speaker’s lounge in between and networking.  If you didn’t make it this year and you’re involved with in the Houston or surrounding areas, then I highly recommend attending next year.  Its a great event with a strong presence of the local SharePoint community attending, presenting and putting it on.

My session on Free/Community Tools, Libraries and Templates went better than I expected. I was trying to wiz through as many cool tools as possible but time wouldn’t permit to show all of the around 100 tools I have used over the years that don’t cost anything to use.  I will be posting my as an update to this article within a day or two.  Please check back if you’re looking for it.

I look forward to seeing everyone their next year!


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