Use Microsoft Office Suite Inside Chrome Browser

The gives you quick access to your recent documents, storage, local documents, opens them directly in a fully functional browser version of the respective Office application, and more. This is a bit of old news (well over a year in fact) but I have never really seen anyone else using before so I thought maybe some of my readers might find this useful. I am HUGE fan of extensions and use them extensively.  In fact, I have so many I am constantly fighting with which ones to disable/enable to save space next to the address bar.  I used to have so many that I would often crash the browser or slow my OS down to a standstill.  Although, the second issue is no longer a problem due to the purchase of my Dell Precision laptop (6th generation Intel Xeon mobile processor, 64gb of ram, and PCI-e SSDs in raid).

If you haven’t tried the extension out and you use Office regularly (pretty much everyone with a desk job) then its definitely worth checking out. If your not a Google Chrome user then don’t fret, there are add-ons for both the Firefox and Edge browsers as well.  Unfortunately, it does not look like any of the IE versions are supported.

While your in the Chrome Web Store, check out some of the over 50,000 other great extensions like Session Buddy for tab management and session history, OneTab for saving tabs to pull up easily later, Pocket for bookmarking and link management, Adblock Plus to remove adds and speed up page loads, Colorzilla for an eyedropper tool that allows you to pull the hex code from anywhere on a page, Chromecast for projecting your screen to any device with an HDMI port and a $35 dongle, Express Curate if you blog to curate Blog posts from any web page or RSS feed (thats how this and many other posts of mine are written), and more.  You might find that you can’t live without them once you have them.


Office Online – Chrome Web Store


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