Office 365 Test Lab Guides

Demonstrate enterprise features with the Office 365 test lab guides

Enterprise E5 has a host of great features tailored to an enterprise organization’s needs for additional (Advanced Security Management), enhanced protection (Advanced Threat Protection) and the ability to quickly locate and analyze emails, files and other resources that meet specific criteria (Advanced eDiscovery). To configure these new features and show them working for yourself—and to leave you with a working dev/test environment with which you can further experiment—take a look at the new Office 365 Enterprise test lab guides (TLGs). The Office 365 Enterprise TLGs are a modular set of highly prescriptive articles that step you through:

  • Building a simplified intranet in Azure infrastructure services with an Azure trial subscription (optional).
  • Creating an Office 365 Enterprise E5 trial subscription.
  • Configuring directory synchronization between a Windows Server AD forest and the Azure AD tenant

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