Microsoft SharePoint CSOM Nuget

New SharePoint CSOM version released for SharePoint Online – September 2016

We are happy to announce availability of new  Client Side Object Model () version targeted for the or more specifically for SharePoint and Project Online. This release again contains few updates on the existing SharePoint CSOM assemblies and some maintenance changes. These monthly changes are not significant, but we want to align on the monthly rythm in future, so that you can know beforehand that there will be new version arriving during end of each month. You can find the latest CSOM package for , including the Project Online CSOM assembly, from the NuGet gallery with an id of '.SharePointOnline.CSOM'. We are also working on updating the redistributable package at some point, but you can already right now start using some of these new capabilities in your solutions. We do recommend you to use the Nuget Package to gain

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The Future of SharePoint - Open Framework Under the Hood

Under the Hood With “The Future of SharePoint” | Microsoft

  If you have been wondering about how big some of the changes coming to are, read this article.  Its a really good read about how big of a change the new open is.  Don't forget that the framework was released in preview mode this past week as well  You can read more about its release here.

So the new UX and visuals are great but naturally this raises a number of questions from a technical or developer perspective related to what’s going on “.” How is this new experience put together codewise compared to the “old SharePoint?” If one makes the assumption that this is the direction that SharePoint is headed in the future — not just for but for all other types of sites and pages — what impact

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SharePoint Framework Developer Prdeview Release

SharePoint Framework Developer Preview Released (Open Framework)

has finally released the (Microsoft Open Framework) as promised at the event back in May in San Francisco.  Along with this release, they have announced a new tool called a test surface and now are able to deploy to classic web part pages in 365 developer tenants.  Developers can now use a myriad of existing libraries, modern script development tools, and the SharePoint Workbench to build client-side web parts and deploy them to classic web part pages.  The new SharePoint Framework works with any existing plain javascript libraries and a limited number of common frameworks such as with more to come as time goes on. The project that you need to install in your

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